R+D / Quality

Directed by expert professionals in leading laboratories at a European level in different fields and who are used to working in environments with high a demand for quality in the products and processes. Our technical department has two fronts in which Herma Productos de Limpieza S.A. supports in order to offer the best market competition:

  • R+D: Investigation, development and innovation at the hand of professionals trained in this environment and who are accustomed to formula and compound development which are state-of-the-art and at optimum prices. Herma Productos de Limpieza S.A. have opted for innovation, which means that we are equipped with the most advanced investigation resources disposable to our professionals.
  • They have made the product processes automated and can be controlled locally and remotely. The result of the final product in agreement with the specifications as well as the treatments in each of the different stages in the supply chain, we consider it essential to generate trust and security in the consumers. The Herma brand and its associates need to be just as trustworthy and it is because of this that we opted for processes that detect any deviation in a product long before it reaches our clients.

Herma Cleaning Products laboratory has been made the leader in its sector. As a central pillar for the development of products as well as quality control, Herma relies equally upon the procedures relating to the monitored processes, from the incoming raw materials to the outgoing final product, and the recording of product traceability at all points of the material flows.


Ficha de ingredientes y de seguridad

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