The factory is equipped with a capacity to manufacture liquid and solid products, for both clothes and dishes.

  • Atomization tower: With the capacity to atomize and post add more than 50,000 tons of powder products a year with different levels of effectiveness, additives and densities.
  • Continuous liquid production system: made for the manufacturing of more than 46,000 tons of liquid products a year with different concentrations and viscosities of each product (softeners, detergents, dishes, etc).
  • Packaging lines of powered detergent: Where the powered detergent is packaged into small boxes of 1.5 kg to 8 kg and large bags of 7.5 kg to 20 kg, with an annual packaging capacity of up to 45,000 tons.
  • Packaging lines of powered detergent: Filled with different bottle formats (PET and PE) and labelling (adhesive, sleever) is available to each product between 500 ml and 3 l. The annual packaging capacity is 80,000 tons/per year.
  • The products are saved in an automatic storage silo: Guaranteeing the traceability at the end of the production line, the find product withdraws automatically through "Atomatic Guided Vehicles" and transports each pallet to the start of the automatic storage systems, where it is registered under its batch code, traced and stored until it is dispatched.
  • Process automation: Delving into the high productivity of all the installations, as well as traceability assurance and process quality. All the production flows are monitored by an integrated superior system which can be used to verify anything at any moment and makes available - online, each production system status or internal logistics. This is what helps Herma Productos de Limpieza S.A. go a step beyond the level of technology and reliability of every other factory in the European sector.
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